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I'm 21 and I sketch a lot but that's about it.

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Sketching my FF14 character, P’ethalla. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to draw her as a Scholar or White Mage since I can’t remember what I had decided I wanted her to be. I like both but its far easier to draw the white mage outfit, haha. ;;

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Chrysantheeeee precious baby.

I’m extremely depressed as of late so a flowery happy Chrysanthe to cheer me up.

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The finished drawing of Chrysanthe and Roan! I cheated a little with the original sketch pose and this one because I couldn’t figure out how to position something, hahahaaaaa ;;; I’m sure its pretty obvious where it is hehe. OH WELL YOU CAN CHEAT WHEN YOU’RE DRAWING YOUR OWN CHARACTERS RIGHT? RIGHT. So the pose just won’t make any sense and I won’t give a damn, hehehe.

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Roan and Chrysanthe! I intend to color them when I have the chance, but for now, I must get ready to go take my finals! So excited for the semester to be over.

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And this is Chrysanthe! The counterpart for Roan. I decided I wanna make Roan look more middle-eastern egyptianish since thats what I based his clothes on. And Chrysanthe is Greek, thus the name. It also means “Golden Flower”

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Scribbled out an OC of my boyfriends, Roan. * U *

Sexy demon reality manipulator. He sleeps a lot because using his powers takes a lot of energy.

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From a few weeks ago, I wanted to draw an update of my RP character on MM. So happy I gave her longer hair <333

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I don’t know why I’m suddenly inking old as hell comics from rp groups im not active anymore. maybe it’s because I miss everyone and feel guilty….

ahahhahaahahah god im trash

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Opening Sketch Commissions Again! Pricing issss as follows:

  • Bust: $15
  • Half-Body: $20
  • Full-Body: $25
  • Background = +$5

If you’d REALLY like something in color, check out my previous works first and if you’re satisfied, then bring it up with me and I’ll have to let you know if I’ve got the time or energy for it, and I’ll give you a price based on what you want. Colored things I’m kind of finicky with nowadays.

Message me here or email me at I take only paypal right now, and the address for that is the same email above. I’ll probably only take 10 slots first, get those finished and then open up more if I’m still hurting. Thanks guys.

Hey guys! Works been very slow, and they won’t schedule me more than two days a week. I’m struggling to get by with 100 every two weeks, and it’s been just enough to for me to pay for gas to get to and from school and work, but that’s about it. I haven’t had room to save money.

I’m trying to save up for a couple things, namely the big thing is money for either a new laptop or desktop, depending on how much I can save… I’d love to get a desktop but those are pretty hard to save for since they’re so expensive @A@;; I’ll also be opening up wig commissions for cosplay, more on that later though. I’d love to try to get a steady stream of commissions so I don’t have to get a second and/or third job. 

I’d appreciate your support, everyone! Thank you!

heheheh and within minutes there are people already cooing and giggling over my colloyd sketch.

that’s right feel bubbly and happy tales fans! happiness all around.

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