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I'm 21 and I sketch a lot but that's about it.

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Outfit Swap! Alex’s body looks a little funny because its been a while since I’ve been drawing consistently, oopsie. 

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Day 3 of Inktober. I’m falling behind!! I’ll have to catch up! I didn’t have time to do a full sketch so I did a post it note doodle. At least it’s actually in ink this time.

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Day 2 of Inktober! I finished this last night but forgot to post. Now I need to do day 3!! ;;;

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Day 1 for Inktober! I’m a day late but only because I had a busy day yesterday! I’ll upload another drawing for Day 2 later uvu.

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Sketching my FF14 character, P’ethalla. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to draw her as a Scholar or White Mage since I can’t remember what I had decided I wanted her to be. I like both but its far easier to draw the white mage outfit, haha. ;;

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Chrysantheeeee precious baby.

I’m extremely depressed as of late so a flowery happy Chrysanthe to cheer me up.

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The finished drawing of Chrysanthe and Roan! I cheated a little with the original sketch pose and this one because I couldn’t figure out how to position something, hahahaaaaa ;;; I’m sure its pretty obvious where it is hehe. OH WELL YOU CAN CHEAT WHEN YOU’RE DRAWING YOUR OWN CHARACTERS RIGHT? RIGHT. So the pose just won’t make any sense and I won’t give a damn, hehehe.

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Roan and Chrysanthe! I intend to color them when I have the chance, but for now, I must get ready to go take my finals! So excited for the semester to be over.

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And this is Chrysanthe! The counterpart for Roan. I decided I wanna make Roan look more middle-eastern egyptianish since thats what I based his clothes on. And Chrysanthe is Greek, thus the name. It also means “Golden Flower”

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Scribbled out an OC of my boyfriends, Roan. * U *

Sexy demon reality manipulator. He sleeps a lot because using his powers takes a lot of energy.

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